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Available for hire from November 8, 2020

Artist 1 - Irina

Chisinau, Moldova


Physical Details: Height: 167 cm , Weight: 55 kg

Born: June, 1975, nationality: russian

Artist 2 - Nadejda(Nadya)


Chisinau, Moldova

Physical Details: Height: 170 cm , Weight: 59 kg

Born: April, 2001, nationality: russian


Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves to you! My name is Irina Sciogoleva, I'm soloist of moldovan National Opera! My daughter's name is Nadejda(Nadya) Crajevschi, she is a pop-singer. A few years ago a pop-opera duet was created, but also,  we perfom as separate units. 




As a duet we exist for 2 years, we perfom at different events, concerts, private parties and festivals. As separate units, Irina Sciogoleva has 20 years experience on the opera stage. Nadya Crajevschi is a prizewinner of many international competitions. 


Irina Sciogoleva-Academy of Music of Moldova, Chisinau

Nadya Crajevschi-student at the Department of foreign languages.

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